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Nanofiber is with a diameter of 1μm or less and is the finest fiber available at present.

  • 나노섬유와 머리카락
  • 나노섬유와 꽃가루

Nanofiber by Electrospinning

Electrospinning is one of the technologies to make nanofiber and we have membrane manufacturing technology
and ultra-thin coating technology using it.

  • 나노섬유 멤브레인
  • 나노섬유 초박막 코팅

Nanofiber Media

Nanofiber has high filtration efficiency and high flow rate by high specific surface area, porosity and uniform pore size,
and is excellent as a filtration material.

  • 전기방사 이미지
  • 전기방사 이미지
  • 전기방사 이미지

Nanofiber has higher flow rates than other media because of their structure.

  • 나노섬유의 기공 균일도
  • 유리섬유의 기공 균일도

Nanofiber has a uniform pore size, so it has excellent selective permeability.

Nanofiber for Filter

We produce high quality nanofibers based on accumulated electrospinning technology and high production capacity.

  • Fiber diameter : 100nm
  • Fiber diameter : 200nm

We control the fiber thickness of nanofibers to 50 ~ 1000nm to achieve the selective permeability of the particles.

List of Nanofiber Membrane

The precise structure control of nanofibers enables us to respond to customer requests.

Grade Basic Weight
Air Permeability
(L/min) @10PSI
Pore Size (㎛)
Mean Pore Bubble Pore
LF-0.3 9 12 25 0.3 0.55
LF-0.45 9 12 35 0.45 0.64
LF-0.6 9 14 50 0.6 0.88
LF-0.8 10 15 60 0.8 1.08
LF-0.9 10 15 70 0.9 1.22
LF-1.1 10 15 90 1.1 1.45