Other Filters


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    CSCN is designed as composite structure combining granular carbon (G.A.C) and melt-blown core, and it can exhibit both adsorption performance and particle removal performance without secondary contamination by carbon.


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    CSMS is precisely woven with metal wire mesh and provides stable process operation because it can be used without any deformation even in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure and high viscosity.

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    CSMA is a metal filter made by sintering several layers of meshes with different mesh sizes and sintering at high temperature and high pressure. It has excellent durability and removal efficiency and provides stable process operation.

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    CSMF is a metal filter using stainless steel fiber and has excellent durability and gas permeability. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure gas filtration.

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    CSMD is a filter that wire mesh and sintered mesh are processed into disc type, which is suitable for precision filtration and small volume filtration.


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    CSBG is a bag filter that is designed to be easily replaceable in a short time, suitable for processes requiring a large collection capacity.